Catch up on the latest news about our efforts to protect the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Photo by Vicki Dameron

7 Ways to Show Your Love for the Blue Ridge Parkway

February 10, 2017
There are places you visit just once, and then there is the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s a destination that keeps you coming back time and time again to relive remarkable experiences and discover new adventures. You can help ensure the Parkway remains the place we all love with these easy and meaningful ways to give back.
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Thank you for 20 years of protecting the Blue Ridge Parkway!

January 25, 2017
Happy 20th anniversary! We got here because of you. The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation started as a simple idea: Give the people who care deeply for this awe-inspiring park the power to protect and guide its future. Whether you cherished the trails, scenery, ties to mountain history and culture, wildlife, or just the drive itself, we invited you to join our Community of Stewards. The response was overwhelming. Because of your commitment, we have raised more than $12 million for the Blue Ridge Parkway in the last 20 years!
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Kids set a new record on TRACK Trails

January 17, 2017
Kids in Parks had a great 2016, because so many kids ventured out on TRACK Trails for adventures, setting a new record of 2,800 hikes! That equals roughly 230 adventures per month, or more than seven registrations per day!
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Blue Ridge Parkway seeks public input on firewood policy

December 12, 2016
The Blue Ridge Parkway is asking for input on a new firewood policy in line with other neighboring National and State Parks. Here is the park unit's official release: Blue Ridge Parkway officials are seeking public comment regarding a proposed policy to allow only heat-treated firewood that is bundled and bearing a seal from USDA, or a state agency, for use in Parkway camping and picnic areas. Once finalized, this proposed policy change is planned to take effect as the Parkway reopens its facilities for the 2017 visitor season.
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Your Blue Ridge Parkway Holiday Giving List

November 28, 2016
Giving is a great feeling, and when that gift helps protect the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's even better. As the holidays approach, we've got a giving list that will make an impression and an impact.
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A Holiday Recipe from the Blue Ridge Parkway: Pumpkin Cobbler

November 21, 2016
We all have our favorite holiday dishes, whether it's the green bean casserole, a perfect gravy for the mashed potatoes, or a savory stuffing. We might just have another favorite to add to your list: pumpkin cobbler as it once was served at Crabtree Meadows Coffee Shop on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Little Switzerland. The recipe appeared in The Raleigh News & Observer in 1998. Enjoy!
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Designed to Unite Us

November 15, 2016
National Parks are designed to unite us as Americans. And when we at the Foundation talk of the Blue Ridge Parkway, we speak of legacy, protection, and rising generations of caretakers.
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Thanks to all the Find Your Pint breweries!

November 8, 2016
We made a lot of friends at the pub this year—or should we say pubs. To raise a toast to the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary, the Foundation collaborated with 17 breweries in the Asheville area to create the Find Your Pint series. With the Blue Ridge Parkway as their muse, brewers created unique beers named for overlooks, mountains, and other favorite spots on the route.
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Falling Leaves, Straight Ahead!

September 20, 2016
As the summer heat dwindles and nights in the mountains dip to cooler temperatures, we all start to anticipate fall and leaf season. For many, leaf season is the best time to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. Rich colors of yellow, orange and red paint the trees and forest floors. These magnificent hues draw photographers, hikers, picnickers, and road warriors to the nation’s most visited National Park unit. But have you ever wondered how this forest transformation occurs? We spoke with Dr.
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Remembering Camp Catawba

September 9, 2016
There are places along the Blue Ridge Parkway that hold a special meaning for each of us. For Charles A. Miller, Camp Catawba is that place. As a former camper and counselor, Miller is also the author of A Catawba Assembly, which explores his experiences there. Camp Catawba was an exceptional place for boys that operated for 26 years near Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Bounded by the Blue Ridge Parkway on one side and the Moses H.
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Blue Ridge Parkway seeks feedback on proposed camping fee increase

August 17, 2016
The Blue Ridge Parkway is proposing a fee increase for campgrounds along the scenic route. As all National Parks struggle with a maintenance backlog for a total of more than $11 billion, the Parkway is faced with $500 million of deferred upkeep projects, including campground facilities and road work. There are two town hall meetings when you can weigh in or you can submit comments online. Read on for details. From the National Park Service:
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The Denim Ball raises more than $115,000

August 9, 2016
We had such a wonderful time during The Denim Ball! From the gorgeous setting by the lake at Chetola Resort to fantastic denim outfits and the lively music by The Lucky Strikes Orchestra, the evening was a blast. It was also a great success for the future of Moses H. Cone Memorial Park.
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Midday Mountain Musicians play on with a gift from Fretwell Bass

July 27, 2016
When you step off West Beverly Street in downtown Staunton, Virginia, and through the doors of No. 17, you enter one of the great institutions of American culture. No, not a museum, or a college classroom, or a majestic courtroom with all the trappings of a justice system built upon the best principles of the ages.
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Find Your Pint for the National Park Service Centennial

July 21, 2016
The outdoors and beer go hand in hand in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ask anyone what they love about the Asheville area and they are likely to rank the vibrant local beer scene and the Blue Ridge Parkway at the top of their list. As the Asheville area’s beer scene has grown, breweries small and large have always shown their commitment to protecting the landscape that makes our regional a natural wonderland. That’s why we teamed up with 17 local breweries to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.
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The Cone Connection and The Denim Ball

July 13, 2016
I never knew Moses and Bertha Cone, of course, as Moses died early in the 20th century and Bertha died when I was a year old. But I’ve always been grateful to them and to Moses’ brother, Ceasar. 
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