Letter from the Superintendent

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, believed that the world is defined by constant change.

In a year that has seen many changes, I would like to acknowledge the importance of the constant and steady support from the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s Community of Stewards. This year we were excited for some changes, such as entering into the park’s first historic lease with the Foundation for the operation of The Bluffs Restaurant. This change was a bold step together in pursuit of the National Park Service mission. The Bluffs project now helps to ensure both the protection of one of the original developed areas along this historic route as well as the preservation of the area’s cultural heritage that is beloved by so many. Because of your support, a new generation of park visitors can now discover and experience this special place.  

There were also many unanticipated changes this year. Park staff and our partners have weathered the uncertainty and challenges of 2020 with skill and professionalism, and I am hopeful that we will emerge from this time more focused and with a renewed commitment to caring for the Blue Ridge Parkway. Public lands like the Blue Ridge Parkway and future generations of visitors will be the beneficiaries of this renewal. These uncertain days have reinforced how today’s decisions and actions impact all our tomorrows. Thank you for being our partner on this important journey.  

- Neal D. Labrie, Blue Ridge Parkway Acting Superintendent