Letter from the Superintendent

The Spirit of Collaboration

The Blue Ridge Parkway is many things to many people. It’s a portal to the cultural heritage and living traditions of the southern Appalachian mountain region, it’s a place to discover thousands of native plant and animal species, it’s a beautifully designed scenic drive along ridges and valleys, and it’s a gateway to many communities across its 469-mile route.

The careful stewardship and protection of these resources, and the experiences this park offers, is a dynamic and complex operation. The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s 20-year legacy of support has become an integral part of the work required to care for and protect the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Over the past year, my first on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I have seen the passion and dedication of the Foundation’s Community of Stewards on many occasions. Thank you for being a community that cares so deeply for the Parkway.

The National Park Service has just entered its second century of service, and I am confident that, with your support and a growing community of stewards committed to innovation and collaboration, the park we all love has a very bright future ahead.

- J.D. Lee, Superintendent of the Blue Ridge Parkway