Natural Resources

Rock Castle Gorge Bioblitz

Rock Castle Gorge is a significant biological area along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but much of these 3,600 acres in the Plateau District have yet to be explored. To survey the diverse array of flora and fauna, the Foundation will support a bioblitz, which will bring together leading scientists and volunteers to survey the various taxa. The result will be a clearer picture of the environmental significance and needs of this intriguing area.
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Arborist Incident Response Team: Equipment Trailer

In 2014, the Husqvarna Group of Charlotte, N.C., generously donated $10,000 in chainsaws and other equipment to the Park Service for use in clearing trees after severe weather events along the Parkway. The Foundation will provide funds for a trailer that will transport this equipment to sites in need of attention.
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Hemlock Preservation: Tree Treatment

FUNDED! The Blue Ridge Parkway’s old growth Carolina hemlock trees, a rare endemic species, and eastern hemlocks are at serious risk due to the hemlock woolly adelgid. Hemlock is the dominant species in many Parkway forests and its demise would result in cascading effects to other species such as migratory birds and aquatic resources.
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