The Bluffs Restaurant to reopen in spring 2021

August 27, 2020

The road to reopening The Bluffs Restaurant has been a long journey, and we thank you for supporting the project every step of the way.

We want you to be the first to know about a development in operations at the Doughton Park restaurant. The operator has decided to suspend food service for the remainder of the 2020 season in the interest of the safety of patrons and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We agree with the decision, and plan to reopen in the spring of 2021.

It was a difficult decision, and we know it comes with a great deal of disappointment for so many who love The Bluffs. Although this is not the reopening we envisioned, we know it is the best decision given the current challenging circumstances.

We are so grateful we were able to press ahead with renovations earlier this year, because this work will allow The Bluffs to welcome back diners in the spring.

At that time, we hope to host a grand reopening under much more favorable circumstances. In the meantime, we are exploring opportunities for scheduled interpretive programs at Doughton Park that highlight the history of the restaurant and the surrounding recreation area. Stay tuned for more information.

Though we all must wait just a little longer to dine together, we're looking forward to sharing a meal at The Bluffs with you when spring arrives.

Our deepest thanks for your patience and understanding.

-Carolyn Ward, CEO of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation