Volunteer on the Blue Ridge Parkway

More than 15 million visitors enjoy the scenic journey of the Blue Ridge Parkway each year. With stagnant and declining funding from the government, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s support has become essential to preserve and protect the historical, cultural, and natural resources found along the 469-mile route. From maintenance and facility improvement projects to protecting threatened species, we work closely with the Parkway staff to enhance visitor experiences. Philanthropic and volunteer efforts are vital to support this unit of the National Park System. There are many ways you can help, including giving your time.


The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation Volunteer Corps needs you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Brochure Distributor, entire length of the Parkway
If you live near a visitor center on the Blue Ridge Parkway or one of our donor board stations, you can help us replenish brochure racks. It's a fun and easy way to make sure more people can learn how they can support this amazing park through the Foundation. 


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