Virginia’s New Blue Ridge Parkway License Plate

Thanks for interest in Virginia's Blue Ridge Parkway license plate! Although the preorder period has closed, you will be able to order the vibrant specialty tag through the DMV later this summer. At that time, we'll have new links and instructions to make the process easy. Check back here for updates.


About the plate 

Your ride will look great, and you can feel great knowing proceeds from the $25 plate fee will go toward key improvements within the national park, from trail repairs to historic preservation projects. You will also be able to order a personalized plate for $35. 


If you placed a preorder, THANK YOU!

Your plate will be one of the first pressings. How cool is that? The Virginia Legislature gave final approval for the plate on February 17, 2023 and the legislation becomes official on July 1. Your preorder application has been turned in to the DMV staff. Production is estimated to take a few months, so plates will likely begin to arrive later this summer. 

Please note, there may be slight modifications to the plate design by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.