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The Blue Ridge Parkway leaves each of us with special memories and a deep connection to the mountains. We invite you to share your experiences, remembrances, and the favorite places from your journeys. If you are a member of our Community of Stewards, please tell us why you give to support the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Long or short, nostalgic or thrilling, we love to read your tales. With your permission we will share your story with others who love the Parkway through our e-newsletter, blog, annual report or other communications. 

Julie Hettiger at Bluffs Coffee Shop in 1966Here’s just one story that inspired us.

“For my family, driving up the mountain from Wilkes County to Bluffs Restaurant was a monthly trip. Guests and relatives would always join us for fried chicken, grits, cobbler, and the real deal ham biscuits. Ms. Ellen Smith would always have a high chair for my teddy bear, Boo Boo. I give to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation so this very important stop along ‘America’s Favorite Journey’ will be saved.”
- Julie Hettiger, pictured on left with her friend, Anna Kerly, in 1966

Ideas to get started:

  • Is traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway a tradition for your family?
  • Do you give to support a specific place that holds a special significance for you?
  • Did an important event in your life take place on the Parkway?
  • Do you have a personalized Blue Ridge Parkway specialty license plate? What is the story behind the letters on your tag?

You can fill out the form below to share your story, or e-mail Rita Larkin about setting up a personal interview.

If you’ve traveled the entire Parkway from Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, you can become a member of our End-to-Enders group and receive a rewards package. Join the club!

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