Trails & Views Forever Program

You can protect the outdoor spaces that are at the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway experience with a gift to the new Trails & Views Forever Fund.

Photo by Vicki Dameron


An overlook before arborists cleared the view (bottom) and after (top) An overlook before arborists cleared the view (bottom) and after (top)

As the National Park Service faces an astonishing price tag to repair all aspects of the Blue Ridge Parkway, coupled with impending budget constraints, care of the trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, and overlooks are falling to the bottom of the long list of priorities. That means, the places you enjoy nature on the Parkway desperately need your help!

You can protect the outdoor experiences that are at the heart of the Parkway experience with a gift to the Trails & Views Forever program. Your donation will revitalize trails, picnic areas, campgrounds, overlooks, and additional amenities that allow us to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of the Parkway. 

The program's projects include:

Viewshed Restoration ($12,000 needed)

The Parkway’s designers created astounding roadside overlooks as hallmarks of the national park. Today, many are hidden by years of tree growth. With your help, arborist crews will continue their work to clear the views.

Trail Rover Program ($4,000 still needed)

This season, volunteer rovers will protect peregrine falcons at Devils Courthouse and rare plants at Craggy Gardens and Rough Ridge by educating visitors about these important ecological sites. Your generosity can ensure the rovers are equipped with the supplies they need, including hand-held radios, backpacks, rain gear, and first-aid kits.

Trail Project Manager ($65,000 needed)

The Parkway does not have a dedicated trail crew or manager on staff to oversee the 369 miles of trails within the park. You can change that by funding this new position, which will be dedicated to implementing trail projects on the Parkway, including prioritizing repairs and organizing community and volunteer involvement.

Mount Pisgah Platform Reconstruction

Along the popular Mount Pisgah Trail, visitors can take in stunning mountain views from a wooden observation deck. Over its 40 years in use and thousands of visitors, the platform has seen better days. Patch work on the deck has become extensive, and it is time to replace the structure. With a donation for this project, you will fund the reconstruction of the platform to provide a safe and enjoyable stop for trekkers. The Mount Pisgah Trailhead is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway and leads hikers into Pisgah National Forest. The work will be completed by Pisgah National Forest staff and volunteers. Please donate today to rebuild the observation deck.

This project is being championed by the Hagebak family in memory of Lisa Hambrick Hagebak, to recognize her love of the North Carolina mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway.

Humpback Rocks Trail Crew - FUNDED!

You can help fund repairs to three well-traveled hiking routes in Virginia, the Humpback Rocks and Catoctin trails and an access trail from Humpback Rocks Farm to the Appalachian Trail. With your support, a Student Conservation Association crew will spend up to 16 weeks rehabilitating trail surfaces, filling in eroded areas, clearing downed trees, brush, and limbs, and trimming encroaching vegetation, and repairing or replacing six benches. Team members will also repair water diverting structures to prolong the life of the trails. In addition to the benefits to the Parkway, the crew will learn outdoor conservation skills and can qualify for preferred hiring status for positions with the National Park Service and other federal land management agencies, plus a monetary award which can be used toward their education.

The Student Conservation Association is recruiting for this trail repair crew. Learn more

Craggy Gardens Exhibits ($5,243 still needed)

Craggy Gardens, known for its fantastic long-range views, is one of the most visited destinations on the Parkway. Your gift will create outdoor exhibits near the visitor center to provide directions and highlight the diverse natural resources of the high-elevation site.

Volunteer Training & Support ($14,500 needed)

Parkway volunteers fill a wide range of roles within the park, from operating chainsaws to directing visitors. To maximize their impact, you can provide first-aid and CPR training, in-depth Parkway orientation, and other opportunities for volunteers to grow their skills.

Please give today! You can help us meet the challenge and ensure that the Parkway remains a beloved place to immerse yourself in the beauty of this breathtaking landscape.

Trailblazer patchBig news! Gifts for the Trails & Views Forever program have surpassed $1.2 million, completing the Founding Funders phase of this initiative. These contributions are a tremendous step toward renewing and repairing trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, and overlooks.

With continued support, we know we can reach the overall goal of $3 million for the recreation areas along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Now is your chance to become an official Trailblazer for this critical program. With a gift of $1,000 or more, you will receive a limited edition patch. (For Founding Funders, this will be a great complement to your first patch.) You will also receive special recognition in our annual report released in the fall.

Please join us in the next leg of this trek to the top of the mountain. Give today to become a Trailblazer!

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