Centennial Challenge Project: Humpback Rocks Farm Rehab

Ramsey Cabin.jpg

Ramsey Cabin at Humpback Rocks Farm Ramsey Cabin

Matching Gift Opportunity!

In 2017, Congress provided $20 million for projects across the country through the Centennial Challenge program. These funds will be matched by $33 million from more than 50 park partners to improve trails, restore buildings, and increase visitor access to parks. This project has been selected for a Centennial Challenge grant! That means your contribution will be doubled by matching funds from the federal government, so you can feel twice as good about your gift.

The historic structures at Humpback Rocks Farm provide the chance to experience pioneer life on a late 19th century farmstead. Without repairs to the buildings, Parkway travelers will lose the learning opportunities provided by the site. Your gift will be matched to rehabilitate and preserve Ramsey cabin, chicken house, hog pen, root cellar, and spring house.

The total project cost is $292,731. The Foundation is raising $73,056 to complete this project. Please give with the link below.



Milepost 5.8

Our Goal is $73,056.

Help protect this piece of history on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and have your gift matched.