Blue Ridge Music Center Programming

Mountain music rings true at the Blue Ridge Music Center, where it is preserved, interpreted, and celebrated. 

Photo by Two Rivers

Banjo player.jpg

Blue Ridge Music Center banjo player Photo by Harrol Blevins

The sounds of the fiddle, banjo, and guitar are likely to welcome you when you visit the Blue Ridge Music Center, where the music of our mountains is preserved, interpreted, and celebrated. Cultural preservation is a core element of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s mission, and we advance that goal by supporting musical programming at the Blue Ridge Music Center at milepost 213 in Virginia.

However, concert ticket sales, memberships, grants, and sponsorships do not cover the costs of all the dynamic programs offered spring through fall. That's why we need your help. With a donation, you can ensure that the music of the mountains comes to life for thousands of visitors each year and a piece of the region's cultural heritage remains alive. 

This year, $65,550 is needed to support musical programming and fund a partner ranger position to assist visitors. Please donate today!


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Milepost 213

The Gift of Music

Help ensure the music plays on in the mountains.


Photo by Harrol Blevins