Frequently Asked Questions - Specialty Plate

Do I have to wait until my current plate expires before I can purchase a Blue Ridge Parkway specialty license plate? 
No. You can purchase your specialty license plate any time. The Department of Motor Vehicles will not process a specialty license plate application if your current plate expires within 90 days. You must renew your current plate prior to mailing in your application or applying online. Expect a 4-6 week wait before your new plate arrives in the mail.

May I purchase a specialty license plate when I purchase a new car?
The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that a standard plate is issued to all new vehicle owners. Once you have received your standard license plate, you may purchase a specialty plate. You will only need to pay the specialty ($30) or personalized ($60) plate fee because you paid your standard vehicle registration fee when you purchased the vehicle.

How do I purchase a plate for my RV?
The process for ordering a plate for RVs is the same process as a standard vehicle. You can apply for the Parkway plate online or at a local license plate agency.

Why is my bill larger than the plate fee?
North Carolina now combines tag and tax fees into one bill. The fee yearly renewal fee for the specialty plate ($30) and a personalized specialty plate ($60) has not increased.

Can I relinquish my tag to someone else?
Only personalized plates can be relinquished. Once a numerical tag expires without renewal, that number can’t be reissued.