Caleb Caudle performing with Wild Ponies


Saturday, June 1, 2024 - 7:00pm


Blue Ridge Music Center
Music Center Road
Milepost 213 on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Galax, VA 24333

Tickets at

$20 | Free for ages 12 and under

Caleb Caudle

“Caleb Caudle has lived a lot of his life on the road. His father was a truck driver and Caleb learned early on that making a living often meant long days away from home. The North Carolina-born musician started out in a rock band before he found his calling as a thoughtful alt-country singer-songwriter. When Caleb released his debut solo album “Red Bank Road” in 2007, he was just beginning to realize what made his songwriting voice distinctive, and his numerous releases since then have been a journey deeper into his own sound and point of view.

Caleb has driven a hard road in music, releasing albums and touring relentlessly since ‘07. Albums like Carolina Ghost and Better Hurry Up gained him a reputation as one of the Americana performers to watch in Nashville. As Caleb opened up about getting sober and being more intentional about his legacy, his gifts as a songwriter truly started to blossom. He recorded his latest release, Forsythia, at the Cash Cabin with a close group of trusted collaborators. It is an album whose imagery brings you home with him to North Carolina and into himself. He even came full circle with a new recording of “Red Bank Road,” the title track from his debut album.” – Lizzie No for Bluegrass Situation 


Wild Ponies

Doug and Telisha Williams, the Nashville-based, country-roots duo known as Wild Ponies, have a mystical connection. Partners in every way, they have spent the last decade building more than just their careers as musicians, they’ve built a life they are wildly proud of. Their live shows are notoriously personal. No one is merely a spectator at a Wild Ponies show; there are only enthusiastic participants on a collective musical journey. Whether it’s Doug and Telisha with their acoustic guitar and upright bass or a full rock ‘n’ roll outfit with drums and electric guitar, everyone is welcomed into the magic.