Rolling with the Tree Patrol

March 24, 2016

Have you ever wondered who clears downed trees after storms or opens up vistas along the 469-mile route? In 2014, the Husqvarna Group of Charlotte, N.C., generously donated $10,000 in chainsaws and other equipment to the Park Service for use in clearing trees after severe weather events and preserving views at overlooks. There was one hitch, the team didn’t have a good way to transport the equipment to where it was needed. So last year, the Foundation began raising funds to supply a trailer to travel with the team. We’re happy to report that it saw its maiden voyage on the Parkway this month. Next up, it will head to Virginia for vista clearing projects. Thank you to everyone who made a donation and helped secure this trailer. It’s so important that Parkway staff have the all equipment they need to keep the Parkway safe and beautiful. If you see the team on the road, give them a thumbs up for their work.

Like this project? You can still make a donation to cover the remaining costs.