Designed to Unite Us

November 15, 2016
National Parks are designed to unite us as Americans. And when we at the Foundation talk of the Blue Ridge Parkway, we speak of legacy, protection, and rising generations of caretakers. We use these words because they are essential to our core beliefs that this magnificent landscape belongs to all the people of this nation. Our dedication to this natural wonder is steadfast. We know yours is too.
We must rise to the challenges and seize the opportunities to prove our devotion to OUR PARK and the public lands that are intertwined with our country's identity. They are marvels recognized the world over and stand among our proudest accomplishments.
We value all you do to ensure the safekeeping of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Most of all, we are honored and humbled by the trust you have put in this Foundation to safeguard this marvelous journey as a symbol of your deepest values.
Nothing will sway our commitment to Blue Ridge Parkway. Thank you for your unwavering support. 
Carolyn Ward   Sincerely,
   Chief Executive Officer