Blowing Rock connecting downtown to Bass Lake

Bass Lake Moses Cone Memorial Park.JPG

Bass Lake at Moses H. Cone Memorial Park Blowing Rock is moving to create a sidewalk connecting its downtown to Bass Lake at Moses H. Cone Memorial Park.
March 8, 2016

The Town of Blowing Rock is moving forward with a plan to connect its charming downtown with Moses H. Cone Memorial Park. Upon completition, visitors will be able to reach Bass Lake via a new sidewalk. Recently, the N.C. Department of Transportation approved an agreement to provide $987,956 of the $1.22 million project cost. 

From High Country Press: The scope of the project includes building a sidewalk from downtown at the intersection of U.S. 321/Main Street and following U.S. 221 along the north side of the road to the entrance of Moses H. Cone Memorial Park and access to Bass Lake. The total length of the sidewalk project is approximately 3,000 feet.

“Much of the sidewalk will be constructed within the existing roadway shoulder. There will be some grading necessary to accommodate the sidewalk due to lack of shoulder and some retaining walls will be needed. A section of approximately 650 feet of sidewalk along the retaining structures will require pedestrian handrails that meet NCDOT specifications,” the project scope reads in the agreement. “There are three street intersections along the proposed stretch of sidewalk that will be designed with pedestrian crosswalks with stamped pavement to match the crosswalks along the Main Street streetscape downtown.”

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