Blue Ridge Parkway Projects

2024 Parkway Impact Opportunities

June 13, 2024
Each year, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation collaborates with the National Park Service to identify critical projects that protect and sustain the scenic route. These initiatives are chosen to enhance the journey for the millions of visitors who explore this wondrous landscape to discover the rich historic, cultural, and natural resources it holds.
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20 Ways to Support the Blue Ridge Parkway Today

May 16, 2022
This year, the Foundation celebrates 25 years of support for the country’s most visited national park. From the start, those who love the park, like you, came together to give time and financial support in pursuit of the best Blue Ridge Parkway possible. The quantity and magnitude of projects, and the enthusiasm from supporters, has only increased over the years. Thank you for recognizing the Parkway’s beauty as well as its needs and potential.
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