Preorder Virginia’s New Blue Ridge Parkway License Plate

We need your help! We recently introduced a new specialty license plate in Virginia. The Parkway plates currently on the road no longer direct funds to the park, that’s why the Foundation is introducing this plate with a fresh design. It will be the only license plate in the commonwealth with proceeds dedicated to trail improvements, overlook clearing, historical preservation, and more on the Parkway. 

Please preorder the plate today. The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation specialty plate will be just $25 annually for a standard plate and $35 annually for a personalized plate for your vehicle or motorcycle.

How to Preorder

The plate is not yet available at the DMV. Before you start, have your car registration information handy.


  1. Click here to use our new online form!

By Mail

  1. Download the VA Blue Ridge Parkway License Plate Preorder Form. Click here

  2. You may type in the fields of the document and print it or print, write in your information, and sign the form

  3. Write a check payable to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation for $25 for each standard plate or $35 for each personalized plate 

  4. Mail completed form & check to: Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, P.O. Box 21852, Roanoke, VA 24018

After you order, please tell your friends, family, and neighbors in Virginia about the new plate so we can meet the goal! If you need assistance filling out the form or would like to have a printed application form mailed to you, please contact Jordan Calaway at or (866) 308-2773, ext. 245.

If you would like to order the Parkway plate for a loved one, contact Audrey Pearson at (866) 308-2773, ext. 19.


Already have a personalized Virginia plate? Yes, you can transfer your existing personalization to the new Blue Ridge Parkway plate.

Please note, there may be slight modifications to the plate design by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. In the event that preorders do not reach the minimum requirement, your payment will be refunded.