Waterrock Knob: New Exhibits at Visitor Center




Elk exhibit at Waterrock Knob Visitor Center Elk exhibit at Waterrock Knob Visitor Center

The Waterrock Knob Visitor Center near Cherokee, North Carolina, occupies a unique position on the Blue Ridge Parkway, having the potential to be either the first or last stop for travelers. With the help of your donation, the National Park Service will install new exhibits to replace the current time-worn displays that feature outdated information. The new exhibits will inform visitors about:

  • The surrounding mountains of the Southern Highlands, and the role of conservation in maintaining their pristine beauty.
  • Cherokee history and culture.
  • The unique biodiversity resulting from such high elevations, with a focus on black bear and elk.
  • The impact of invasive pests, primarily the balsam woolly adelgid.

Your gift will create a richer experience for visitors.

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