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Photo by Vicki Dameron

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Make a $100 gift to the Vanishing Vistas program to receive "The Blue Ridge Parkway" lithograph by Eric Fitzpatrick.

The designers of the Blue Ridge Parkway created 216 overlooks to offer astonishing views of rippling mountain peaks, valleys, and more. Over time, vegetation has grown and obscured many of the original vistas. Working with the National Park Service, we are setting out to clear these overlooks with the support of individuals and adjacent communities.

When you make a $100 donation to the Renew the Views program, you’ll receive a lithograph of The Blue Ridge Parkway by artist Eric Fitzpatrick. The print depicts fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and features a couple spending a sunny afternoon picnicking on a blanket, as a farmer and his wife tend the rolling fields below. A quaint farmhouse is pictured below them, with the Parkway threading its way around the curves of mountains at the height of their autumn color. Quantities are limited.

The print also makes a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys the Parkway, and will have double the meaning when your contribution is used to help clear and protect the overlooks along the scenic route.

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Size (17" x 21")


Many of the views on the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway are long-range vistas once again thanks to your support. In April, the Parkway’s Arborist Incident Response Team removed trees and vegetation that were obstructing the long-range views at overlooks from milepost 420 to 435. The 10-day project was planned to avoid disruption of wildlife. We aren't done yet! Another clearing will be scheduled for the fall.

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Photo by Vicki Dameron