Humpback Rocks Trail Crew

Photo by Rita Larkin

Erosion along the Humpback Rocks TrailFUNDED! To support future trail projects like this one, please give to our Trails & Views Forever program.

The Student Conservation Association is recruiting for this trail repair crew. Learn more

You can help fund repairs to three well-worn hiking routes in Virginia, the Humpback Rocks (pictured) and Catoctin trails and an access trail from Humpback Rocks Farm to the Appalachian Trail. With your support, a Student Conservation Association crew will spend up to 16 weeks rehabilitating trail surfaces, filling in eroded areas, clearing downed trees, brush, and limbs, and trimming encroaching vegetation, and repairing or replacing six benches. Team members will also repair water diverting structures to prolong the life of the trails. In addition to the benefits to the Parkway, the crew will learn outdoor conservation skills and can qualify for preferred hiring status for positions with the National Park Service and other federal land management agencies, plus a monetary award which can be used toward their education.


Milepost 5