Doughton Park: Repair & Reopen Bluffs Buildings

Photo by National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway

Bluffs Lodge Construction.jpg

Bluffs Lodge at Doughton Park opened in 1949. Bluffs Lodge at Doughton Park opened in 1949. Courtesy of the National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway

Our goal is within reach! That's right, we only need $155,000 to hit our fundraising target for reopening the former Bluffs Coffee Shop building at Doughton Park, near Sparta, N.C. We've come so far thanks to your dedication and generosity for the project. Support from the North Carolina General Assembly and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) has also been critical. In 2017, the state appropriated $350,000 toward building repairs. ARC recently provided a $300,000 grant to purchase updated restaurant equipment and furniture. 

In the past, the significant cost of new equipment and repairs deterred potential concession applications. But today there is even more good news: several prospective operators recently toured the facility to learn about the logistics of setting up shop. 

We are so close to bringing this beloved place back to life. Let's reopen the doors to new memories at Bluffs.

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Our remaining Goal is $155,000

Help us bring Bluffs Coffee Shop back to life.


Photo by Rita Larkin