Centennial Challenge Project: Sharp Top Shelter Rehab

Photo by National Park Service

Matching Gift Opportunity!

In 2017, Congress provided $20 million for projects across the country through the Centennial Challenge program. These funds will be matched by $33 million from more than 50 park partners to improve trails, restore buildings, and increase visitor access to parks. This project has been selected for a Centennial Challenge grant! That  means your contribution will be doubled by matching funds from the federal government, so you can feel twice as good about your gift.

Sharp Top Shelter was built in 1858 by the Otter Peaks Hotel to provide rustic overnight lodging for guests willing to make the challenging hike to the summit. The stone building nestled in rock is greatly deteriorated due to weather exposure and vandalism. With your support, the building will be restored to host interpretive programs and provide a safe shelter for hikers during inclement weather. 

The total project cost is $113,450. The Foundation's contribution is $56,774 to complete the work. Please give by using the link below.

Milepost 86

Our REMAINING goal is $56,700.

Your donation will help restore this iconic trail structure.