Centennial Challenge Project: Mabry Mill Flume Repairs

Photo by Jeremy Riffe, Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition

Mabry Mill Flume 1 by Karen Nelson.jpg

Mabry Mill flume The flume at Mabry Mill must be repaired to keep the waterwheel turning. Photo by Karen Nelson

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Mabry Mill is one of the most photographed sites on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it is much more than just a pretty place. The mill and surrounding log structures built by Ed and Lizzie Mabry in the early 1900s are akin to an outdoor museum where visitors can learn about a bygone way of life in the mountains.

To ensure the learning continues, the flume that spins the waterwheel and nearby historical structures require repairs, such as new logs and shake roofs. The total cost for the project is $289,000. Half of the amount will be covered by a Centennial Challenge grant if the Foundation can raise $75,000.

Please help us fix these structures so National Park Service interpretive rangers can impart the tales of the past at Mabry Mill.

Milepost 176

Our remaining goal is $66,000

Your gift will help preserve fascinating historical structures, and be doubled thanks to a Centennial Challenge grant.


Photo by Karen Nelson