Blue Ridge Music Center Audio System

Photo by Mike Duncan

Sutton and Barker.jpg

Bryan Sutton and Presley Barker Bryan Sutton and Presley Barker are among the performers who have graced the stage. Photo by Mike Duncan

For the last 18 years, the Blue Ridge Music Center has presented concerts featuring master musicians and up-and-coming performers carrying forward the living musical traditions of Appalachia.

In all that time, the outdoor amphitheater has relied on the same audio speaker system. Now, the aging and outdated equipment is in danger of failing and leaving the venue silent. The Music Center needs your help to keep the music strong and clear. The cost of replacing the faltering system is $60,000. With your gift, the venue can give audiences and performers the top-notch musical experiences they deserve.

A new audio speaker system will:

  • Highlight the true talents of the bands and musicians who take the stage.
  • Provide a finer level of sound quality for concertgoers.
  • Attract additional artists who require high-quality speaker systems for performances.


The Foundation supports musical programming at the Music Center to help preserve the cultural heritage of the mountains.

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