Bat Survey

Photo by J. Scott Altenbach, Bat Conservation International



Your help is needed to save an important, but rarely seen resident of our Blue Ridge Mountains—bats. You might never glimpse these nocturnal friends unless you’re enjoying an evening by the campfire. Even then, you could miss them fluttering overhead as they go about one of their many important jobs in our ecosystem—snacking on bugs that can harm us and beetles and moths that damage our forests.

Their populations are declining drastically across the country. Your support for an acoustic survey of bats in the park will help scientists find solutions to what threatens our winged friends.

With your support, an acoustic survey will identify common and rare bat species, determine their locations in the park, and gather data that shows trends in their health and vigor. This information holds the key to a better understanding of the bat populations along the Parkway and how to protect them. This initiative requires $40,000 in support. Please help this project take flight with a gift today.