Bob Lassiter

Retired Finance Manager, HanesBrands/Haeco Americas
Winston-Salem, NC

A North Carolina native, Bob graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and then pursued an MBA. He spent a 38-year career in various corporate finance positions, first in the consumer apparel industry and then in the vastly different aviation industry.

Bob has always enjoyed being outdoors and seeing many beautiful spots in the North Carolina mountains while holding a flyrod or hiking in the woods with his wife (a beach convert) and two children. He always knew that the Blue Ridge Parkway was there and special, but really came to know and appreciate the Parkway on father-son visits. Bob says, “What was accomplished in 1936 by a visionary group of leaders, engineers and workers was an incredible gift to our generation. It is now up to us to ensure that this is preserved and passed on to our children and grandchildren.”