Relay with Ray is underway!

Support Ray Russell of Ray's Weather as he runs from milepost 0 to 469 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Photo by Vicki Dameron

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Relay with Ray on the Blue Ridge Parkway Ray Russell is running all 469 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway.
May 18, 2016

Dr. Ray Russell (President of, creator of, and Associate Professor of Computer Science at Appalachian State University) is running the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. He started his journey on May 17 at the north end near Waynesboro, Virginia, and is covering roughly 20 miles per day. He’ll be exploring every twist and turn of the Parkway, inviting members of the communities along the way to run a stretch with him, and raising awareness about the needs of the scenic route. His goal is to complete the run in mid-June, crossing the finish line at the southern end near Cherokee, North Carolina. You are invited people to join “virtually” by making a donation to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. To follow the journey with his blog or sign up to run, visit

Watch an interview with Ray.

Suggested (and fun!) giving levels:

  • Daily Run Supporter: $20 - donate a dollar for every mile Ray is planning on running each day.
  • Baton Supporter: $50 - make a donation to have Ray pass you the virtual baton.
  • Endurance Supporter: $100 - keep Ray 100% energized during his lengthy run.
  • Second Wind Supporter: $250 - give Ray a second wind with an amount over halfway to his total mileage.
  • Finish Line Supporter: $469 - a dollar for ever mile of the Blue Ridge Parkway- what a run!

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